Jamie Grauvogel, ceramic artist, art educator and owner of Graybird Pottery, LLC, lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. She received her BFA concentrating in Ceramics and BA in Art Education PK-12 from the College of Mount Saint Joseph in 2013. Jamie teaches beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes at Queen City Clay (one of the largest public ceramic studios in the country), and the Ceramics 1 course at Summit Country Day Upper School.

Why Graybird Pottery? Jamie's last name, Grauvogel, means "gray bird" in German, thus was born Graybird Pottery. Plus, Grauvogel Pottery just doesn't quite roll off the tongue as nicely.

When she's not teaching or handcrafting clay, she's out enjoying nature, trying new culinary delights, or hunting down her next adventure. 

Jamie’s favorite (and only) pet is her bearded dragon, Riker. Riker is the best lizard a lizard mom could ask for. I mean… look at her modeling this planter for goodness sake!

Gray Bird_Pottery-500.jpg

Artist Statement

As an art educator and professional artist, I have a constant thirst for knowledge, trying new techniques and finding new innovative ways to create. I make functional stoneware pottery as well as sculptural work that I wheel throw and alter, adding my signature texture on the surface. I find balance between surface and form and love to bounce between hand building and wheel throwing techniques. I believe that hand made objects enrich our lives and connect us to one another. Each piece I make is handcrafted with care and durable for everyday use.